Add one-click DeFi 
in a single integration.

Integrate one-click access to any DeFi protocol via intents and reap the benefits of Transaction Bundling, Abstracted Approvals, Auto-Slippage, and Price-Impact Protection

The Ultimate Solver

Zap into any DeFi asset, optimize yield, automatically take advantage of arbitrage, and experience the true composability of DeFi. Simply declare your intent and Portals will handle the rest.

Transaction Previews

With the Portals simulation engine, you get accurate previews based on real-time market conditions for every transaction, ensuring you know exactly what you’ll receive before committing.

Auto Slippage and Price Impact Protection

Every transaction benefits from robust auto-slippage and price impact protection, ensuring that your every move is secure, efficient, and minimizes MEV.

Benefit from the latest efficiency tools in a single integration.

A stable API you can trust, offering the most extensive coverage of assets in DeFi. Low-code, feature-packed, user-friendly, multi-purpose. An API that does it all.


Instead of a traditional transaction, Portals utilizes ‘intents’, which allow for more flexible transaction pathways. Simply provide an input token and a desired result, and Portals takes care of the rest. Complex, multistep orders are executed in a single step.

Warpdrive Algorithm

The Warpdrive routing algorithm finds the best quotes across popular networks, hundreds of DEXes and millions of tokens, even for the most complex, composed assets in DeFi like pools, yield, staked assets and more.

Lightning Fast

Routes are discovered, quotes are assembled, and transaction bundles are simulated in less than one second before returning the best trade to you for execution.

With the Portals Swap & Zap API you can

Let your community swap their tokens, zap into DeFi opportunites, and manage their assets directly within your app, without ever having to leave.

Swap any token, no matter how complex or composed, for any other, even if other aggregators can't find a route.

Tap into extensive DEX aggregation, providing access to over 130 liquidity sources for for swaps and hundreds more for zaps.

Set variable fees from 0-1% for swaps & zaps to fit your business model.

Provide your community with incredible network coverage

Portals supports the most popular EVM Chains

Tap into 200+ protocols and their thousands opportunities

Portals is constantly watching the blockchain to ensure that the newest and most popular protocols are added

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“Integrating Swap & Zap functionality became a breeze with the Portals API. 
Just a few lines of code, and voilá! New opportunities for Octav users!”

-- Mathieu Baril, CEO of Octav Labs

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