Portals now supports Gnosis Chain 🦉one of the first Ethereum sidechains

Portals won’t rest until we’ve got total network coverage.

May 31, 2024

Gnosis Chain is the latest addition to our network roster, expanding our support to 9 networks thus far, with several other high-demand networks in the pipeline. Our commitment to one-click DeFi means you won’t have to go far to start reaping advantages on whichever network suits you most (or yields you the most 👀). By embracing Gnosis Chain, we’re introducing a wealth of new swap & zap options for DeFi enthusiasts, while also offering builders access to extensive chain data through the Portals API.

By indexing Gnosis, we’re tracking every single token transfer and every action on the network through our numerous supported protocols. Network expansion and indexing milestones such as these allow Portals to map more and more of the DeFi landscape as we strive towards comprehensive activity mapping of every platform. All at the lightning speeds afforded to us by the Portals API ⚡

What is Gnosis Chain 🦉?

Born out of the combined ecosystems of xDAI & GnosisDAO, Gnosis Chain is one of the first Ethereum sidechains, with a community-owned network of over 140.000 validators worldwide safeguarding the network. The diversity of these validators and the community governance aims to provide neutrality at a lower price point than the Ethereum mainnet, with many protocols offering subsidized gas fees.

What’s 🆕?

Since supporting Gnosis Chain, we’ve begun work on expanding Gnosis Chain compatible protocols on the Portals app. Meanwhile, the Portals API now provides builders with even more valuable compatibility, along with in-depth chain & pool data for use in their projects.

The Gnosis Chain integration is now live.
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