Integration Spotlight 🔦 Yield Yak

Portals recently integrated Yield Yak protocol, onboarding 70+ pools for Avalanche & Arbitrum users to zap into with in a single transaction.

May 31, 2024

Yield Yak wants the assets in their farms/pools to work for you.

Are you looking for exponential yield that allows you to be as hands-off as possible? Yield generation in Yield Yak’s farms/pools is effortless.

It’s not atypical for DeFi protocols, to provide farming rewards. After all, you provide liquidity, you deserve gains! However, many protocols nullify these gains by accruing gas fees when claiming your reward and by necessitating manual compounding. That’s a lot of transactions going in and out, just to get what’s yours.

Yield Yak, however, does not require this. Their pools operate on the basis of Autocompounding: rewards you earn are automatically compounded every few hours, pooling your assets for more yield.

🐃 Here’s how it works:

Each farm is a pool of deposits from Yield Yak users. These farms earn users reward tokens, which are all automatically reinvested, compounding everyone’s deposits.

In a nutshell, your asset yield doesn’t stay static; the rewards you gain, gain you more rewards!

Don’t let your assets stagnate; auto-compounding makes the yield work for you.

In addition, being a supporter and holding $YAK, the native governance token for Yield Yak, nets you 1.8% in APR as of right now; it also allows you to participate in protocol decisions. A testament to the platform’s commitment to community; a community that has cumulatively locked over $30 million USD in value, so far.

What’s popular now at Yield Yak?

On Avalanche

On Arbitrum

For more information:

🌐 Visit the Yield Yak website
📚 Developer Documentation
Yield Yak Twitter/X
🗣️ Yield Yak Discord

Use the Portals App to start earning with ease.

Portals provides access to 70+ Yield Yak farms/pools, on both Arbitrum & Avalanche networks, including periodically audited high-TVL strategies and unaudited (usually newer) farms/pools.

You can use any asset available to you to zap into Yield Yak opportunities and start earning auto-compounding yield. Want to swap your assets from one pool directly into a Yield Yak farm? No problem! Through transaction bundling, Portals allows you to utilize the path of least resistance (and gas fees) and zap right into one pool from another.

Zap into Yield Yak’s Arbitrum opportunities here ⚡

Zap into Yield Yak’s Avalanche opportunities here