Integration Spotlight 🔦 XDEFI

The first multichain Web3 wallet with integrated Swap & Bridge capabilities has the Portals API under its hood. But what makes it so DeFi-friendly?

May 31, 2024

XDEFI is Web3’s most versatile multichain wallet.

Regardless of your preferred cryptocurrency wallet, there’s likely a specific reason why you continue to use it. Maybe it’s the wallet that started your love affair with digital assets. Maybe your wallet caters to your preferred trading network. Maybe the prospect of migrating to a new wallet seems daunting. None of these things should prevent you from seeking out the best possible option. With DeFi slated to hit a $232.20 billion dollar evaluation by the end of 2030, where you put your assets is going to be more important than ever, and XDEFI is a strong contender.

Web3 has never been bigger than it is right now, and its growth shows no signs of stopping. New protocols expand on new networks producing new assets at exponential rates. All this to say, opportunities are abound; taking advantage of them requires a wallet built for Web3. That’s why Portals likes XDEFI: it set out to be the industry’s Swiss Army knife of wallets, by providing versatility.

XDEFI Wallet is the first multi-chain Web3 wallet that allows users to Swap their assets and Bridge them across more than 200 different blockchains, all without exiting the application. Many of the Swaps performed in the wallet are powered by Portals API, ensuring the most expansive array of asset options with the lowest gas fees possible. Account Abstraction is used to ensure Swaps use the ‘path of least resistance’ when it comes to exchanging one asset into another, all the while tapping into the data of over 35,000 tokens, indexed by Portals; that’s more token data than that of DefiLlama and CoinGecko combined.

Over 200 supported blockchains. Thousands of available assets. In-wallet Swaps & Bridging. Natively built for DeFi & NFTs. Thousands of dApps in one place.

🐙 Here’s how XDEFI works:

Whereas many wallets are essentially legacy applications, working within the conventions set at the time of creation, the bedrock on which XDEFI is built caters to everyone. From experienced crypto traders looking for ways to improve their work flow, to newcomers in the crypto space. All are presented with a wallet that sets out to minimize chances of a network, asset, or fee-related issue standing in the way of a desired transaction. These users enter the space network-agnostic, eager to explore the multichain possibilities XDEFI provide.

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What’s 🆕 at XDEFI?

XDEFI recently announced their partnership with Coinstore, a centralized exchange with over 4 million users, giving Coinstore’s base access to tens of thousands of new assets through XDEFI’s integrated Swap capabilities.

A Coinstore spokesperson stated, “XDEFI stands as the most sophisticated multi-ecosystem wallet available, and we are honored to collaborate with them to usher our users into the Web3 era. We eagerly anticipate further strengthening this partnership as time progresses.”