Integration Spotlight 🔦 RIVO

Removing friction in DeFi by combining a specialized smart-contract wallet with a DeFi marketplace.

May 31, 2024

An accessible entry-point into DeFi.

Many of the Portals integration spotlights we’ve published so far have focused on projects whose prime motivator is simplifying the space. It’s no surprise; after all, that’s exactly what the Portals API provides to its integrators: an effortless way to simplify your project’s capabilities through a single integration.

One of these integrators is RIVO, whose mission is to remove the multiple pain points currently preventing mainstream DeFi adoption.

An industry disconnect, resolved.

One of the biggest hurdles for any prospective degen is accepting a certain amount of ‘ick’ when making moves in DeFi. Take the volatility of transaction costs/gas fees for instance, or the necessity of keeping meticulous track of your wallet details & security, and perhaps the most the constant source of worry: connecting your wallet with third-party sources just to take advantage of DeFi yield opportunities.

RIVO’s solution to this is simple: make wallet creation and management easy, and bring the marketplace to the wallet.

▶️ Here’s how Rivo works:

The Smart Wallet

Newcomers to the space can jump into DeFi with a self-custodial smart-contract wallet, created in a single click, and without having a to worry about third-party compatibility; after all, there’s a DeFi marketplace full of opportunities hosted on the same platform.

The RIVO wallet itself boasts all manner of advantages for newcomers and long-term degens alike:

  • Seedless setup
  • Google/Socials log-in & recovery
  • Flexible gas fee payment in any token
  • Available as a Web app & extension
  • Integrated Any-to-Any token swaps
  • Gas Bank feature

To ensure you never run out of gas while positioning your assets, RIVO provides a Gas Bank, allowing you to pay fees using a multitude of tokens on your network of choice.

With a wallet created in seconds and its security ensured, it’s time to visit RIVO’s DeFi Marketplace.

The DeFi Market

With the RIVO wallet already integrated, there’s no need sign your wallet into the marketplace (although you can still integrate any other MetaMask or WalletConnect wallet to the marketplace as well). Currently in its Beta, the marketplace provides you with detailed assessments of pools across Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Avalanche networks, with many others expected to join the fray in the coming months.

Get an immediate overview of historical data, your projected yields, the total value locked, the risk level of any given yield opportunity, and how many other RIVO users have taken the plunge into that same pool.

🟣 Portals API integration is providing RIVO with any-to-any token swaps on the same network, one-click asset positioning, and pool data. Through this, RIVO is showcasing an accessible way for non-degens to join in and start earning. No muss, no fuss, no friction; just opportunity.

What’s 🆕 at ?

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