Integration Spotlight 🔦 Octav

Declutter your portfolio and start tracking your most successful moves in DeFi.

May 31, 2024

Discover a free, anonymity-preserving portfolio platform, with integrated Swaps & Zaps powered by Portals.

If you’re reading this article you’re most likely the kind of DeFi enthusiast sporting multiple wallets across a multitude of networks, each with its own elaborate history of swaps, zaps, interactions, airdrop participation, memecoin acquisition, and much more. Trying to keep track of it all inside a wallet application’s UI can be tricky at best, and an impenetrable slog at worst.

The team at Octav agrees. That’s why they created their smart DeFi labeling and analytics platform; a user-friendly dashboard that makes personal portfolio management a cinch.

Octav’s DeFi Dashboard is easy to grasp, easy to use.

🔄 Here’s how Octav works:

The Octav platform is feature-rich, providing special capabilities for those who want to take their enterprise to the next level, such as Tax-related oversights and the like.

For this introductory integration article, however, we want to focus on what benefits every user can extract from using the platform ⤵️

1) Your personal portfolio overview

Regardless of which Web3 wallet you plug into Octav, prepare to be enlightened. Whether you’re interested in your net worth, want to dive into your Profits & Loss across all positions, or want to assess the cumulative fees of your wallet transactions; Octav renders your portfolio an open book.

Your main dashboard provide you KPIs at a glance, with the option to dive further into your data.

2) In-depth transaction history w/ editing

At the push of a button, you gain in-depth information on every wallet transaction; past and present, but not the future (yet 👀). Narrow down your search with an array of filters, specifying networks used, protocols interacted with, purpose of transaction, date, and real-time transaction status.

Gain granular insights of all your moves across EVMs & protocols.

For ultimate portfolio personalization, Octav allows you to edit any transaction for your records, including assets, asset price, fees, transaction type, and much more.

3) Close outside positions, on-platform.

When the opportunity for a profitable exit beckons (or the need for damage control arises), Octav is not only the first place for discovery, but also the only place you need for a successful exit. No need to waste your time logging into specific Dapps; Octav allows you to interact with EVM chains and protocols to close your open positions in a single action.

Close your positions across EVM chains & protocols in a single step.

Close the position by swapping your asset into any other asset in a single transaction, through Octav’s integration of Portals.

4) Integrated Swaps & Zaps, provided by Portals.

When you’ve found a winning strategy, or assessed a gap in your portfolio that needs filling, you don’t want to leave the platform just to fulfill those DeFi needs. That’s why Octav teamed up with Portals, utilizing the Portals API to enable Swap & Zap functionality.

Octav Labs’ Co-founder Mathieu Baril praised the simplicity of Portals’ integration.

It doesn’t matter if you’re closing a position, diversifying (or simplifying) your portfolio, or want to zap specific assets into a pool; all these actions can now be performed right on Octav, in a single transaction.

🕵 A comprehensive portfolio overview at no-cost; anonymity ensured.

Checking in on your wallets has never been this easy, or accessible: Octav is free for DeFi enthusiasts! Get an oversight of your DeFi holdings, access to the analytics dashboard, and full transaction history. All without sacrificing your anonymity.

In fact, it’s an Octav core value: 100% anon-friendly. By using Web3 authentication only — no emails — Octav makes your DeFi ventures substantially more manageable.

There’s much more to learn, even when it comes to Octav’s basic abilities, but let’s save some special features for future articles, shall we?

For a brief visual overview of the Octav dashboard, take a look at this instructional video ⤵ ️️

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