Integration Spotlight 🔦 Harvest Finance

Making it easy to enter pre-programmed yield farming strategies and reap the auto-compounding rewards.

June 11, 2024

Easy access to yield farming strategies & auto-compounding.

Harvest Finance is a premier protocol providing automated yield farming by pooling user capital and deploying it across various DeFi strategies, essentially making your stake work for you automatically. The sophistication it utilizes in the background to make these optimized returns happen is an excellent topic for an Integration Spotlight!

In this article, we’ll be highlighting some of Harvest Finance’s advanced functionalities, and how Portals technology integration provides users with a seamless yield experience. Let’s take a look!

▶️ Auto-Compounding Mechanism

Let your yield work for you.

Harvest Finance’s auto-compounding mechanism ensures that you keep the yield stream flowing by reinvesting accumulated yields automatically. Gain compound interest without needing your intervention or needlessly adding extra steps/transactions! In essence, hassle-free yield maximization. Just sit back and watch the number go up.

Your dashboard provides you with all the tools you need to start farming.
But what if the opportunity runs dry? That’s where Harvest Finance’s flexible yield optimization kicks in.

▶️ Advanced Yield Optimization

Strategies with real-time adaptability.

Yields change, and your chosen strategy might become suboptimal at one point. By using sophisticated smart contracts that interact with leading DeFi protocols, including Compound, Aave, and Curve, Harvest Finance’s yield strategies are able to dynamically adapt to fluctuating yields. This dynamism allows for optimal asset allocation, changing your yield strategy when needed to maximize returns.

There are over a 100 yield farms available across 4 networks.

This flexibility is afforded by Harvest Finance’s native token FARM, which is both a yield reward and a governance token that makes participants in the Harvest Finance ecosystem stakeholders with the ability to affect governance decisions.

▶️ Integration with Portals API for Zaps

Single-transaction asset positioning.

Harvest Finance’s clarity of purpose made it easy to pinpoint what aspects of the user experience they wanted to supercharge. Namely, the ability for new users to position assets into Harvest Finance yield strategies with ease: i.e. Zaps

Simplifying this process would have to include giving users the ability to:

  • Enter positions with any asset
  • Reduce complex asset-to-asset swap routes to one transaction
  • Eliminate all superfluous Gas fees

And that’s exactly what the Harvest Finance community gained through the integration. Through use of Intents & Account Abstraction, Gas fees are eliminated where possible, multiple transactions are combined into one, and the API’s support of tens of thousands of tokens across 8 networks allows for entry with any asset available.

Even complicated swaps & zaps are reduced to a single, simple transaction.

For Harvest Finance, it seemed now is the ideal time to introduce the world to their new and improved iteration of the platform.

▶️ Introducing Harvest 4

The next stage of Harvest Finance’s journey.

The growth of Harvest Finance has become explosive recently, in part due to their commitment to progress. At Portals, we’re seeing an impressive uptick in transactions, indicating a wealth of users are swapping their assets and zapping into one (or more) of Harvest Finance’s many flexible yield positions.

The platform’s latest advancement is dubbed Harvest 4, a comprehensive upgrade to the platform that comes with a flurry of new features, including:

  • Past, current, future yield insights
  • Yield estimates prior to farming
  • Farm with any asset in your wallet
  • An oversight of historical events
  • More than 100 different farming strategies
  • A sleek new mobile experience
The future looks bright for Harvest Finance, and it’s easy to see why. The ability to optimize yields with ease in a user-friendly environment (both on the front-end visuals and the back-end mechanics) is likely to create impressive returns for their users.

At Portals, we’re proud to help make that possible.

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