Announcing Pyxis: the Portals API, evolved

Introducing the Portals API Pyxis update. A plug-and-play solution for Web3 and DeFi projects looking to supercharge their ventures.

May 31, 2024

Introducing the Portals API Pyxis update. A plug-and-play solution for Web3 and DeFi projects looking to supercharge their ventures with new user-facing features and comprehensive data. No NPM packages. No SDKs to install and update. Portals API provides a single, unified API for data, swaps, and zaps that allows you to condense multi-step DeFi transactions into a single API request.

The Portals API is already powering some of Web3’s best DeFi applications, including XDEFI Wallet, Yearn, Stake | DAO, MeanFinance, PoolTogether, and hundreds of anonymous builders taking advantage of the API’s user-friendly integration. With just a few lines of code, projects gain immediate access to Volume & Liquidity Data, Asset Prices, APYs, Token Images, Contract and Pool Addresses, Token Names & Symbols, and Account Balances, all indexed from over 150 protocols across 9 networks, and updated with every block.

Beyond this wealth of data, integration of the Portals API also offers projects an effortless means of incorporating Intent-driven transactions through Account Abstraction. Intents allow for more flexible transaction pathways (both for the projects and their users), the elimination of complex, multistep orders, and the ability to complete transactions gaslessly.

A comprehensive source covering 35,000 tokens; more than even DefiLlama and Coingecko combined!

What’s new in Pyxis

In our recent Milky Way update, we spoke at length about the Galaxy Indexer, our indexing infrastructure, which provides real-time, continuous block-by-block updates of the crucial data mentioned above. Now, we’ve grown the utility even further, enabling us to reduce the overhead and costs associated with compiling this data while delivering significantly more metrics to API users: usage metrics, fees, protocol & LP profits, historical data; in real terms, integrators will be able to determine a variety of new technical analytics with ease, such as cost basis, Profit & Loss, trading volume, volatility, and more, for all 35,000+ tokens and the countless vaults, pools, LPs, and lending positions we support.

In addition to expanded metrics, the Pyxis update delivers a vastly improved user experience for builders, providing a simple and intuitive way for developers to create apps, monitor their usage, and track their revenue. The full comprehensive dashboard will be launched in the coming months. Combining powerful functionality with a simple user interface, integration of an extensive collection of Web3 data is now only one click away for any aspiring project.

Highlights include:

Trading Data across popular networks, including Volume, Trade Values, Top Trades, Top Users, and much more.
API Data, to ensure the efficacy of your implementation of Portals functionalities.
• An overview of your API Keys to ensure optimal usability for multi-project integrations.

The comprehensive dashboard is set to launch in the coming months.

Why Use Pyxis & the Portals API?

Integration of the Portals API doesn’t just net you extensive, vital data in a seamless user interface; it also enables the flexibility needed to implement new features that users of contemporary Web3 have come to expect.

Portals API enables you to:

Accept any token and convert other protocols’ users into your own.
Utilize simple-to-use data endpoints & provide lightning-fast response times of ~200 ms.
Set variable fees to fit your business or protocol model.• Ensure users never leave your platform; the Portals API provides you with everything your users need in terms of functionality and data.

The possibilities are endless, yet each catered to what your builders, your users, and your project needs. The power of the Portals API is giving you instant access to all data and features available, for you to use as you will.

Looking for the USD price of a specific token? We have data of over 35,000 tokens available! Want to collect all Curve pools that contain FRAX in one instance? Find the most liquid Balancer pools? Gather all Beefy vaults? Use our sort feature to find specific pools on the networks of your choice.

The sky’s the limit; we just provide the tools to get you there.

Get Started Today ➡️ Free Basic Plan + 1-Month Pioneer Plan For Free

The Portals API is available to all with a cost-free integration, as well as a host of additional add-ons to fit your needs, no matter the size or stage of your project.

In honor of the Pyxis launch, we’ll also be providing a free month of the Pioneer Plan.

Pioneer Plan includes:

  • 125,000 calls per month
  • 500 RPM (8.3 RPS)
  • Set Your Own Fee capabilities
  • Unlimited API Keys
  • Email Support

In addition to a host of optional add-ons. These different plans aim to give you flexibility as you decide your needs, with perpetual access to the free basic plan should those needs change.

At the Pyxis launch we are introducing API keys which will be required for all endpoints on the Portals API. While the data endpoints (everything not in the Portal heading) use call credits, the endpoints in the Portal heading do not require call credits for use. We will begin requiring the use of API keys one month post-launch, on December 15th 2023.

Users who sign up for the Pioneer Plan will receive its benefits for an extra month, free of charge.

Please note: we are deprecating the /v1/portal endpoints on the 15th of December. If you’ve already integrated Portals but have yet to move to /v2/portal endpoints, please do so before December 15th.